Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can apply to DDPs?
A: The students who meet the required conditions of ITU, can apply to DDPs. You may find the requirements of foreign students here.
Q: The diplomas of DDPs and other ITU programs are same or there are differences?
A: When students graduate from DDPs, they have two valid undergraduate diplomas from both ITU and partner university. According to relevant regulations of Higher Education Council of Turkey (YÖK), there is an expression on the ITU diplomas stating that it is a joint undergraduate program

 Q:  What are the quotas of DDPs?
 A:  The quotas for DDPs may vary each year. Please follow this page for announcement.
Q: Are DDPs paid programs and how much are the tuitions?
A: All DDPs are paid programs, both in ITU and in partner university and the tuitions may vary according to program. Please check the tuition informations that you may find under the program page.